Friday, January 04, 2008

Caucus Countdown

It's morning here and obviously time for Iowa to caucus. This will be a closs race and I REALLY hope it goes to Obama. I have a good feeling about it. So, hopefully I'll be writing a post in a few hours about how happy I am and that he has the wind in his sails.

However, I have to admit that a measly and unrepresentative state like Iowa really should not have this influence. I know that Clinton lost Iowa, still went on to win and earned the title of "The Comeback Kid", but that does not always happen.

Really, I'm hoping that Hillary loses. I don't like her. I don't trust her. She has not done one thing that I have been proud of and she is the definintion of a politician. If her husband was not a successful president, then she would not have made it this far. If she gets the nomination, I will SERIOUSLY have to think about vote. Let's hope her pandering to middle-aged feminists who still think a woman is the only way to change their current "plight".

Fingers are crossed in Korea!!

It's time to fly!!!!