Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Coalition!

Obama did it and not only did he do it, but he REALLY did it. He received over half the vote, leaving HRC and Edwards the rest. I'm not going to get too excited though. Obama appears to be trailing in most of the big states, but the gap seems to be getting smaller. However, WSJ is a joke from what I can gather. Before the SC Primary, they claimed that a double-digit victory is the only way to prove to the general electorate it really mattered.

But with expectations set so high, political pundits say the Illinois senator faces a dilemma: He will have to win by a double-digit margin in order for voters nationwide to perceive South Carolina as a real victory.

I knew that the WJS was bad, but this blatant pushing for Clinton is not hiding their intentions at all. I think that Clinton is staying strong only because no one thought that Obama was viable until last fall. Too many people made too many commitments too long ago and they can't go back on them. It's unfortunate though. This man can sweep the GE in my opinion. The support that these two candidates are getting is impressive to say the least.

Clinton seems to be getting a big institutional backing and Obama seems to be getting the support from real people and real fighters. We'll see what it takes.


Oncle Jean said...

I think the Caroline/Ted Kennedy endorsements are huge. I agree that he stands a better chance to win the GE than "Billary."

Mom said...

And how about Toni Morrison too?