Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What is Obama?

I was quite sad all day. So, instead of being depressed and potenially mean to some of the students, I decided to vent my frustrations and let the students discuss why they support Obama.

It was quite thought-provoking. I mean, it wasn't anything we haven't heard before, but there was some real thought in there.

Did you hear when one rather quick student said, "Teacher, what is Obama?" What do I say? He's a man; a Democrat; the next American President?

I couldn't answer. I froze. I panicked. That kind of question is too deep for me to even comprehend. I was so stunned by the scope of the question that I wasn't sure if I was happy or sad that he lost.

I also think I was dazed by the tear that rolled down the Hillary supporter's face. I mean, I understand though. She just doesn't want to see the country fall under the false-hope of an inexperienced junior senator with only three years of public breakdowns for votes instead of seven. It's hard. It's hard to appear like a strong woman who will can handle the job on day one with a tear rolling down your cheek. I'm pretty sure world leaders see that as a sign of strength.

I did gain composure though when I told the kids to "Say good-bye" and they really did walk out the door to go and vote for Obama. He even got the Hillary supporter out the door. And that last kid in the green didn't think that I said "Close the door". No, he thought I said, "Close the polls!" Obama motivated him so much that he wanted to ensure that voting stations were fair and tamper-proof!

This is what Obama does best! He crosses party lines! He motivates people of all ages and nationalities! This is just the start!

Obama! Obama! Obama!


Mom said...

That was soooo great....I loved the kids adn "Obama" chants!!

You should send that into his people!


Rodge said...

hahaha...that is really great

Oncle Jean said...

Excellent way to deal with your pain, George. I find that teaching does me wonders. Tomorrow I get the results of my latest scan and, even though I'm confident they will be good, being with my students today was a wonderful distraction.