Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire Reaction

I'm at a loss of words. However, instead of attacking Hillary which I want to so bad, I will focus on Nevada and South Carolina. Two big states that can easily go to Obama.

Why he lost? I assume the women and the older people came out in higher numbers than anticipated. That, I credit Hillary for. She got her base. I wonder how her a tears changed people's image of her? I hope it didn't too much.

I want the media to stop sensationalizing Obama and level the field, because a contest is on now and I want them to let us do the thinking and the voting. Chris Matthews really needs to be taken off this election coverage. He is hurting Obama with his intolerant anti-Hillary punditry. I can be intolerant because I'm writing a blog. He can't be.

The the results tonight will force all of the Dems to appeal to Dems and Dem values. Obama will have to do what he should have already and start fighting. Hillary started already with her "teary" response. Obama needs to follow. I don't think he will risk losing his independent support and this way he can appeal to us all. A fight does not mean smearing people and hurting the other Dem chances. A fight means being strong, resolute and sending a clear message to Dems.

The righteous wind is at our backs! The Korean Obama wagon is only tightening up and the party is just beginning! The show must go on!!!


Mom said...

I am proud of you, George, for staying above the fray.

Obama can do it on his merits, right?

Oncle Jean said...

And it will go on, George, and Obama will get the nomination and beat the pants off whichever sad sack Republican they put up.