Friday, January 18, 2008


It's Friday morning and I'm doing pretty well. I just took a luke-warm shower and that is no way to start the day, but it is Friday and so I'm still good. Tonight, we're all going out for dinner and drinks. That will be fun. Of course Joel is in town for his wedding which is tomorrow and that should be fun. I'm in the wedding, but I don't get to wear any cool Korean outfit or anything, just a suit. 고 has to work tomorrow morning, but she'll be out in time for the 1pm wedding.

I'm hoping to go to a Korean Basketball League (KBL) game soon as well. Speaking of that, I'm winning my Fantasy Basketball League right now. That's pretty good I guess. So, really nothing to report. I'll be watching the weekend results and probably doing the live blogging as the results come in.

Keep your fingers crossed and here's some Friday tunes to put at little bounce in your step! Have fun, guys...

Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters


Mom said...

Jazzy music. I feel for you and the luke warm showers. Better not be like that in the hotels!

goose! said...

Funky- I love it. When Trey and I saw Herbie in VA, he was doing a tribute to Gershwin.....TOTALLY different type of music!