Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years

New Years Eve has always been a fun time. From wild parties, to chalets in the mountains, from bombings in Thailand and now in the spectacularly crowded streets of Seoul, they always show me a great time.

We started the night out with wine, beer, soju and tequila. Some people came over to our place and we started watching the fight. It was an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight and Choi Hong Man (최홍만) was fighting the world best fighter Fedor Emelianenko
in Japan at the Yarennoka tournament.
He had no business fighting Fedor really. Fedor has only lost once and that was just because the doctor called it. It went like this.

After the fight, we headed to what is comparable to Times Square only there is about three times as many people here. We got off the train and walked out into the already crowded street. At this point, we were pretty loose, but needed a few more bottles of booze before the countdown.

We came to the main street and immediately we saw the fireworks and heard the drums.

The drums were from several groups of Koreans who were wearing traditional clothes and dancing and playing traditional music. We walked past those guys and made it to the insanely tightly packed crowd. We pushed and got pushed and got smashed and finally made it as far as we could go. Music and dancing and drinking and yelling and all the typical NYE stuff was going on.

I have a bunch of pictures to post here. Enjoy!

This is the stage where all the people were dancing and singing.

After the countdown...

My 김!!!

It was loud and wild and a lot fun! Here's a video that someone took last year.


Mom said...

Wow!!Amazing stuff...all those sparklers and it sounded like gongs banging too. However, your dates are says, New Year's Eve 2006 and Happy 2007. Too much soju perhaps?? :)

Oncle Jean said...

A great new year is dawning for you and Go. I wish I could be with you for the wedding, but my thoughts and love will definitely be flowing in your directions.