Monday, January 21, 2008

In-Fighting Will Damage Us

Is this happening within the GOP? A little, but we have A LOT more to lose. Think Dems! Hillary had a teary-eyed moment and claimed that this election was personal. Obama wants to set a new and positive course for America and the generations to come. Edwards insists that he will take back Washington and let every man have a voice again. All of this is so great and I want one of them to do it! So, why are they constently ruining the image of their fellow Dems? The general election isn't too far off and the voters are going to remember all of this. So, why do it?

I'm only thought, and I want to believe this is not true, is that they are not doing it for their stated reasons. They are doing it for themselves. I am a Obama supporter and I genuinely don't think he is doing this for himself, but for us. I think Edwards is doing it for us. I can admit that I think McCain and Huckabee are doing it for us -well not me. Not for one second do I think that Hillary, Rudy and Romney are doing it for us. They are doing it because they thought they could win before they decided to announce their bid. That's deplorable!

They all calculated it well too. Rudy has his 9/11 leadership (Ha!). Romney has his faith (Ha!) and Hillary has her secret weapon and it's not women, no, no, no. It's Bill and his ability to surface and exploit that fuzzy lethargic feeling people get when they think of the nineties. It's not the nineties and the world has wildly changed. Do we want to try to undo the last eight years? Or do we want to break through them and lay the foundation for a new and improved path? I know what I want.

It's hard to watch Bill Clinton speak and think to myself, "Man, I don't like him anymore." However, this is what it has been like recently. He's doing all the dirty work for Hillary so she can claim that she is taking the high-road. She is trying so hard to be a sweet and funny woman, but it's just cheap and very unbecoming of a previous President. Still, Obama has to fight fire with fire sometimes and lash back. What else can he do? Bill need to give it a rest. He is already losing his superstar status with me and I'm sure I'm not alone. Let the two CANDIDATES battle it out, Bill!

While he is not running for President, this makes me wonder how much power he'll really have. There was always the idea that Hillary was the dominating force in the marriage, but maybe the tables have turned. Maybe he's climbed back on top of ol' Hildog and is taking the helms. Gross!

It really is genius though, especially with the economic woes that America and, subsequently, a lot of the world markets are facing. People see Bill and it foolishly takes them to the happy nineties when there was a surplus and we only bombed east Europe. Huge mistake in my opinion. Huge!

So, it's time to take "change" out of her campaign. Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Clinton does not equal change. Man, maybe we could have Hillary win two terms and then pick up Jeb in time for the next two and then Chelsea can step up for two and so on. Really, we could have the Bush-Clinton combo for the rest of my life. That would be perfect.

Enough said!

I'm going to a few days off from the campaign unless something noteworthy occurs. I'm sure you're all sick of my biased and presumably average political opinion.


Mom said...

I completely agree with the Bill Clinton analysis!

Plus I enjoy your political might have a future there!