Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Politics

In an attempt to organize my thoughts and this blog, I am creating more and more weekly and daily features: Images of Korea, Image of the Week, News you Know and now Daily Politics. Also, check the labels. We'll see how it works.

As we know McCain won, Romney got close and Rudy folded. I'm not so sure this is as big of a win the the idiotic Media is making it. McCain has a long way to go to convince the base that he's the best way to go. The bigger story of course, is Hillary. And it's not her "win", but her attempts to seat those delegates. I don't think it will matter after Super Tuesday anyways. While this cannot be viewed as a "win" because a ton of those votes were cast long ago (before Obama was viable) and that he did not campaign in Florida because HE was following the rules, it can be a sign to the health of the Democratic party. There was a huge turnout and hopefully Florida will be so blue that the GOP can try anything in November.

Besides the possibly pivotal California debate, there will be very little action unless there is some head-butting.

My predictions:

  • Both Hillary and McCain will over expose this win.
  • Hillary will come across as pompous and smug in the debate and Obama will come out fighting.
  • Rudy will not admit that he had the worst campaign strategy ever.
  • The Media will poorly over-analyze all of this


sid said...

HA! Great predictions!

Mom said...

This Thursday debate should be interesting to watch. Hillary, smug? Nah!

Oncle Jean said...

Tough decision for me tonight --
Vols vs. Miss. State or the Dem debate. Guess I will be channel switching a lot.