Thursday, January 24, 2008

We Love Our Hattie!

I know everybody claims that their child is the cutest and all of that, but most of the time it's a lie. However, I can say that Hattie really might be one of the cutest babies ever. I looked like a bug or drunk when I was a child and I can admit that it was not my best time. This was.
And while I understand that there isn't much that we can call MORE attractive than that look, I will say that this is the most adorable child ever.

Everytime I see new pics and videos, all I can do it ask for more! Come on!

**TonTon is an amazing name**


Kristin said...

Amen to that Brotha'! Heehee- of course, we agree! I might have to disagree with YOUR best look, though. I think it's a close call b/t your stache and your Steph Tanner phase....whew- if only everyone were lucky enough to have two phases THAT GOOD LOOKING! OR maybe even the middle aged woman look you were sporting at your graduation from college- tough call.

Mom/ GranGee said...

You guys are the best.....and Hattie is the most adorable!!

All agreed on that front!

But George you were a beautiful little baby....a very pretty bug!

Hattie looks so much like Kristin as a baby.

Oncle Jean said...

You'll have to admit that we have a pretty photgenic family, especially Kristin (and now Hattie) whom Carole calls an object of adoration by the camera.

sid said...

Steph Tanner phase?? I am going to need more info about that. I do miss the Ellen phase though.