Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After a five day absence from writing, I want to return with a question:

Is there a Dem candidate that actually will fight for Dem values?

I simply don't know. Obama has a lot to learn. He is so smooth with his words and has the power to be one of the greatest, but if he gets the nomination, will he drop the unifying rhetoric and get to work? I understand that most of the country is neither Dem nor Repub, but somewhere in the middle, however, I am a Democrat and I am voting for someone who can fight for our causes. I don't want a centrist in there. Centrists don't fight. My support is with Obama because I think he has it in there, but I really hope he steps it up.

Clinton is going to end the Dem chance of winning the general election presuming McCain gets the nomination. If he doesn't, than even Mike Gravel could have beaten the rest of the lousy possibilities.

The Dems have been demonized for not standing for anything by the Right for the last seven years and while we all know they do, when are they going to stand up and say it? It's time we fight and stop pandering all the time. Hillary will not fight for a thing and we know that. Edwards used to fight for it, but has seemed to stop and Obama has rejected it at this point.

All of this is going to lead to a blurring of Democratic values and therefore, political disaster.

So, I'm supporting a Carter-Obama ticket in 2008!


Sid said...

Very well put! I totally agree. The Democratic Party in general needs to get back to its roots. I think Clinton, along with alot of Democrats are too afraid of being painted as a "liberal", which is somehow perceived as a negative. The media as well as Republicans are already starting to portray Obama as the "liberal Senator from Illinois" I say bring it on. Yeah, he is liberal and that is why people are voting for him! I think he is definitely the best choice to get the Democratic message back on track and actually get something done. I can't wait to see him take on Romney or McCain. I just hope that he sticks to his convictions and doesn't sway towards the center.

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Mom said...

The next months will be so interesting! You made some good points.