Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coding to Complacency

I tried. I really did. I set out to change the entire look of my blog by creating the code for my new layout. It was going to have more columns, more images, more widgits and all sorts of things, but after HOURS and HOURS of continous failed attempts, I decided that I'm actually quite happy with what I already have.

So, I decided to work on what I know, and this is what I did.

You'll notice the CNN Newsreel. You can click on it directly and go from there. The weather, the Obama news, the countdown and all of that is there and ready for you to look at.

How about the new title image? Nice, huh? Well, not that nice, but I like it.

I'm soooo tired of being on the computer. I've been working on this for almost 6 hours now. However, 고운 is still at the office and she's been there since 730 this morning! That's right! She works for nearly 15 hours a day!!! Work is getting busy for her right now, so keep her in your thoughts! She's doing so well!!


Kristin said...

I don't know how Aunt Go does it...."She works hard for the money" - that's for sure! You should play that song for her every morning as she's getting ready for work to get her pumped up for the grueling day ahead in the office! Heehee...

Oncle Jean said...

As Kristin and I said, maybe too much time on your hands? Ha! I can identify being a teacher with an all too industrious life partner/spouse.

Mom said...

I am always impressed with your artistic Blog. No changes needed for me. Guess your continued efforts keep you occupied though, huh?

WE all applaud Go's work ethic!