Monday, January 28, 2008

To Us!!!

The Image of the Week this week stars Bill Clinton playing the sax in front of what appears to be his henchmen. I can't clearly identify any of them, but perhaps you can?

I put this up to show my desire to mend the fences that have been torn over the past few weeks and show the power of ther Dems when we unite. I hope we can do this together. I want the two campaigns to continue the fight and may the best (wo)man win, but I want it to be clean.

Here's to our great Party!!!


Oncle Jean said...

It is a great Party, and I am sure we will all close ranks when the time comes.

Mom said...

Being new to this side of the fence...I am waiting. So far the Cintons have made me wonder??!!

Goose! said...

Oh- so you're a democrate now, Mom? What? ;)