Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama and the Black Vote

Whatever you might think or want to believe about the Nevada primary, one thing is for sure and this that Obama is looking towards South Carolina with a smile on his face. However, is it a smile that will last, let alone hand him the nomination.

All the polls that I have read give Obama a near double-digit lead over Clinton. With over half of the electorate being from the black community and 4-1 lead over Clinton, that gives him just under half of the vote right there. He wants and needs this victory, but will this victory push him towards being dubbed the "Black Candidate"? I don't think so.

This would not be fair since he is doing so well with white voters and continues to perform well against a candidate who is riding the wave of one of the most popular Democrats in America.

What can he do though? Nothing. In SC, he has to hope for higher-than-expected non-black supoport and that will hopefully brush off the idea that he is the candidate for the black community.

Besides, Clinton got Rev. Butts in NYC on her side and this should say something about the lack of ethnic tension or that it's getting played up way too much.

Race is not an issue here and I want the media to let it go...


Mom said...

And what better way to sum this up than with Black and White with Michael Jackson??

I am following you here and each step of this I find very interesting. I do think Bill Clinton needs to settle down and let his wife do this (or not do this) herself.